Saturday, May 28, 2011

Learn About Santa Cruz's Upcoming Budget

Santa Cruz City Budgeting 101 forum presented this coming Tuesday night May 31, 7:30 pm at the Santa Cruz Police Department Community Room, 155 Center St.
This is a basic, easy-to-understand workshop on the city budget. City residents are invited to attend this 90 minute workshop. There will be a 45 minute presentation explaining the budget with lots of time afterwards for questions and answers. Mayor Ryan Coonerty, Vice Mayor Don Lane, City Manager Martin Bernal and City Finance Director Jack Dilles will all be on hand to provide information. Spanish translation will be provided.
In June and July, the Santa Cruz City Council will be considering and adopting a new city spending plan for 2011-12. The city's general fund comprises most of Santa Cruz's main operating revenue and expenses. REVENUE: $71.7 million EXPENSES: $69.1 million DEFICIT: $2.6 million
The city's budget is posted at the city's website at

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Take Back Our Streets - Friday Feb. 18 - 6:30pm at City Hall

Take Back Santa Cruz is co-sponsoring a one hour walking event through the streets of Santa Cruz.   Starting at City Hall (pictures above) at 6:30pm on Friday night Feb 18th, we are teaming with the Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women to invite everyone to stroll along the darkened streets of our beautiful city to show our commitment to making Santa Cruz a safer community.
For more information, click here:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Positive Loitering Friday 1/21/2011 corner of Franklin St and Ocean Ave 6:30pm

The first winding highway over the Santa Cruz mountains opened in 1919 and became Highway 17 in 1940, in all this time Ocean Street has been the gateway into our beautiful city.  Right now this area is becoming blighted.  The above corner, Franklin at Ocean, has been the site of over 240 emergency service calls in the last year, encompassing public drunkenness, prostitution, aggressive panhandling, drug use and drug dealing.
Click here to check out our eyeopening video of this area:

Our single goal at Take Back Santa Cruz is to make the streets of Santa Cruz safe for all and free from criminal activity.   Now it's again time for all of us to join together for one short hour and  focus our attention on this troubled area.  So come on out, bring your family and your friends and let's fill this vital area with all our positive energy and start cleaning up our city's gateway.
See you there.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa Cruz Police Looking for Volunteers

Here's a new, innovative way members of our community can step up to help out our police department.  As you've probably heard by now, we have a new Police Chief, Kevin Vogel.  To  kick off his tenure, SCPD has announced that it is seeking motivated citizens to volunteer their  time to help perform routine tasks which will free up more of our officers' time for carrying out their essential protective duties.
Check out the website:
As the website says, this is a great opportunity for involved community members to contribute to improving our quality of life here in our beautiful city.  Volunteer tasks range from vehicle servicing to record keeping to assisting at public events to aiding in investigations. 
This would seem like an equally good chance for retirees to get involved or for someone looking to expand their work experience and skill sets.   Who knows, today's volunteer could someday rise through the ranks to become our future Chief of Police. 


How did TBSC know about the escape convict at the hospital?  How did we know there was a missing persons alert BEFORE it hit the paper?  It's not magic...It's NIXLE.COM

The police department set this up for the community.  You receive an alert via text straight to your phone and an email.  They don't use it often but it can alert you to crimes and traffic alerts in progress.



Have a great day!  We hope you got Nixle.  It's free and only takes a moment. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Suggest More New Stores for Downtown

Here's a group participation question for Take Back Santa Cruz members to comment on:
What new retail stores would you like to see open up downtown?
 The recent story in the Sentinel about the new stores opening downtown got me to thinking about what other kinds of stores or commercial occupancies might also successfully locate downtown.
The first thing that came to mind as a direct result of the recent awesomeness of our San Francisco Giants was that shoppers downtown would welcome a sports team apparel store.  A place where fans could buy Giants and A's, 49ers and Raiders, Warriors and Sharks clothing and paraphernalia.  
Another shop that would be a surefire winner downtown is an Apple Store. The one up in Los Gatos is packed every time I go in there. You can't tell me that Santa Cruz doesn't have a built in market for all things Apple, what with UCSC plus all our tekkies and for want of a better term, all our "I-kids".
Finally, a fine art gallery featuring local, renowned and emerging artists would bring an added air of culture downtown.
Well, that's my 2 cents, but more importantly what do all you TBSCers think?
What new stores would entice you to shop more downtown? Maybe if we start putting this out there we can plant some seeds.
Comment below.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Looking Back at Santa Cruz

After reading last week's  Sentinel article about the city council okaying an addition to a historical home built in the 1860's, it got me to thinking about how old the city is and what a rich history it has.
So I thought it would be fun for Take Back Santa Cruz to occasionally look back at old Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz was established as a mission in 1791 and the first settlement, named Villa Branciforte, was started by the Spanish military in 1796. They eventually merged to form the community of Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruz incorporated as a city in 1866. By this time some public bathhouses and concessions had been built near the San Lorenzo rivermouth and the city was starting to become a tourist destination.

A gigantic, castle-sized Queen Anne hotel, The Sea Beach Hotel was built in the 1870's on land now occupied by the Casablanca Restaurant and Hotel .

By the 1890's the Sea Beach Hotel was listed as one of California's top seven coastal resorts. It had 170 guest rooms, each with a bedroom, parlor, bathroom, fireplace, electric lights and telephone. Presidents Harrison and Roosevelt came and visited the hotel. It's ballroom alone was larger than the St. George Hotel lot and was host to conventions and exhibits. It had a world famous garden that was praised by visitors John Muir and Luthor Burbank.

In 1904 the Neptune Casino was built and in 1907 the Boardwalk was constructed. Unfortunately the Hotel burned down in 1912.

Just imagine had the hotel not been destroyed. In its day it was comparable to the Coronado Hotel in San Diego, still a grand landmark today.

Hopefully now, 100 years later, with the proposed construction of the new La Bahia and the Marriott Hotels near the beach, this will signal both a return to our past glory and a beacon to a brighter future for Santa Cruz.